It’s all about the work / life balance. 

Commercial and mixed-use residential are becoming ever more integrated, creating communities that embrace the idea of balance. This increases the opportunities for people to live a more sustainable, walkable life, where work, home and play can all be reached without the need for cars. 

Whether it be a commercial high rise sharing air space with the apartment tower on the next block, or the boutique office building that sits like a jewel box among giants, commercial buildings need to work with their residential counterparts to be well-scaled, contextual and infill in nature. 

Within, flexibility is essential, as is a healthy environment. While the workers might live nearby, they are still spending a lot of time at their work, and keeping them healthy and productive is key. We at Weber Thompson understand the new office landscape as we live it every day at The Terry Thomas. But you can read more about that in Commercial Interiors.

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