800 Stewart

At 605 feet and 53 stories, 800 Stewart is a sculpted mixed-use tower in the rapidly evolving Denny Triangle neighborhood of Seattle.

Client Name

Lincoln Property Development


Seattle, WA



Program Overview

53-Story, 605’ Mixed-Use Tower
702,349 GSF
13,555 SF Site
569 Residential Units
100 Parking Stalls
Parametric modeling and wind analysis was used to sculpt the tower’s form

Completion Date



Amanda Keating
Senior Principal

Renderings: bogza

Sculpting with a purpose

This tall and slender residential tower sits on a very small site, presenting structural and architectural challenges when it comes to wind forces. When slender high-rise towers are boxy, an effect known as ‘vortex shedding’ can occur – vortex shedding happens when wind hits a building, creating alternating vortices that form at a certain frequency and produce vibration. This phenomenon can have a detrimental effect on tall buildings, as well as the comfort of those who live and work in them.

To combat this effect, 800 Stewart has a varied cross section which is designed to be sculptural – in that it breaks down the mass of the tower into a form that is more pleasant to the eye and softer on the skyline – and practical, in that it disrupts the flow of wind around the building by confusing and ‘disorganizing’ the vortices that are generated by vortex shedding.

A folded façade

At the ground level, the tower is ‘folded’ to create faceted massing that breaks down the façade at a pedestrian scale. These folds form three separate overhangs that accentuate the building entryways, as well as providing weather protection for tenants and visitors.

Light show on the skyline

The tower façade contains a field of fully programmable LED lights – users can dim, brighten, animate, and change the colors of the lights, adding a pop of vibrancy to the Seattle skyline.

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