Our Values

Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple: we seek to understand our client’s vision, to excel at teamwork, and believe that our success is predicated on helping our clients find success with projects that create value for them, their audience and the earth.

Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple: we seek to understand our client’s vision, to excel at teamwork, and believe that our success is predicated on helping our clients find success with projects that create value for them, their audience and the earth.



At the core of our design practice is our commitment to understand each client’s vision and unique criteria for success. This requires exceptional listening skills and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. At the launch of every project we employ these tools to pinpoint the central objectives of the project, and ensure they are carried successfully through to completion.


Our design process is based on a respect for our clients and each other as valued design team members. Designing and building a project is a group effort that requires clear communication and carefully orchestrated teamwork. We’re at the nexus of this work, helping ensure streamlined communication and coordination throughout the design process.


We believe good design has value that is demonstrable: Homes that provide respite, environments that help sell ideas and products, spaces that inspire, structures that complement their surroundings and sit lightly on the earth. At Weber Thompson, our success comes from helping our clients find success and value in their projects.

Photo of a salmon cut out on Corten steel next to a bioswales


It’s in our firm’s DNA.


Breaking new ground

Weber Thompson has a strong connection with the modern green building movement. Nearly 20 years ago, we established our first robust sustainability-focused group known as the Green Team. WT became a member of USGBC and embraced and supported LEED while building knowledge and expertise around green certification, green strategy, and implementation in design and construction.

Leading the change

Together, with a strong combination of design expertise, technical prowess and the simple enjoyment of working alongside each other, we create beautiful, high performance buildings and landscapes which make our city a better place to live, work and visit.

Our Process

At Weber Thompson, we are committed to our role, not just as design professionals, but as team leaders. We believe that a well planned process, with the best possible people involved, brings exceptional final results for our clients.

Our Process

Digital tools for innovative design

In a global sense, we approach design as a problem solving process and one that involves a careful weighing of cost and benefit in regards to the overall goals of the project. Digital tools including BIM, VR and 3D printing help us develop our concepts and create visuals to efficiently facilitate stakeholder feedback. 

Integrated design & project delivery

Weber Thompson practices an integrative model of design and project delivery. The client, consultant team, contractor, city and other stakeholders are partners in the process.

Each team member is engaged as early as possible to provide their expertise and ideas for the benefit of the whole. On the design team, Weber Thompson fills the role of team leader and orchestrates the involvement of all consultants in an efficient process. 

Stakeholder & community engagement

Our projects must meet the needs of our clients, but also the communities we serve. We are fierce advocates for public input not for the sake of checking boxes, but for the positive impact community feedback has on the end result of our efforts. 

At our Othello Square project, we utilized a community alignment process to ensure that the Master Plan for the multi-parcel project was as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Our staff also regularly participates in Design Review Boards and neighborhood groups such as the South Lake Union Community Council. Through this work, we have become adept at understanding the complexities and nuances of working with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Vintage photo of Weber Thompson partners

Firm History

Over thirty years ago, two architects — Blaine Weber and Scott Thompson — struck out on their own.

Firm History

It began with ‘aloha’

While attending the University of Hawaii, Blaine and Scott met and bonded over shared passions for surfing and architecture. Following graduation, they each moved to Seattle and after a few design jobs here and there, they decided to launch their own firm with a third partner, Jeff Hamlett, who eventually went his own way. Not long after, they hired their first employee and future partner, Kristen Scott. Over the course of three decades, the three Partners built an award-winning, multi-faceted architecture firm with a balance of strong design aesthetics and pragmatism.

Designing Seattle’s future

Today, Weber Thompson is a 65+ person firm that is still changing Seattle’s skyline. A majority women-owned firm, we are led by four Senior Principals and nine Principals all committed to diversity in our teams, our projects and the populations we serve. 

“Weber Thompson's strong relationship skills mean they ‘act as a team’ at all times through every project.”

WT Client

“We are an office filled with people who do not want to be in a competitive atmosphere. We support each other, we strive to achieve balance. Hard work is rewarded and self-driven. burning yourself out is not.”

WT Employee

“They truly are ‘thought leaders’ in sustainability – no other firm is as proactive or knowledgeable.”

WT Client