Val Anne

Blueprint Capital purchased a dilapidated old brick building at the corner of Valley and Queen Anne Boulevard and hired Weber Thompson Interior Design to remodel the interior and consult on exterior upgrades.

Client Name

Blueprint Capital


Seattle, WA


Interior Design

Program Overview

4 Stories
48 Residential Units
20 Parking Stalls

Completion Date



Bernadette Kelly
Interior Design Principal


Val Anne Interior Design Remodel

A design overhaul

The dated shag carpet, 1950s era rugged stone walls, and dark interiors were completely remodeled into bright and modern living spaces inspired by the history of the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Working with the existing finishes as much as possible, the Val Anne apartments are a testament to how paint, new finishes, lighting, and art can make a world of difference.

Maintaining the mid-century vibe 

The original carpet was removed and replaced with bright and sparkly terrazzo flooring. A tiled art shelf was added in front of the existing stone wall and playful full height mirrors brighten up the main entryway.

New perspectives 

New walnut paneling on the ceiling, white paint on the stone wall, and a modern floating walnut bench play off the existing infrastructure while bringing the lobby into this era.

Textural contrast

Contrasting textures in similar tones add a level of refinement to the project.

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