Affordable Housing

Since our founding, Weber Thompson has designed over 10,000 residences in low, mid- and high-rise structures. Daily, people from all walks of life – from families to seniors, from the economically challenged to the affluent – come home to one of our designs.

This knowledge drives us. It’s what gets us up in the morning.

With all our housing projects, but our affordable projects in particular, we give special consideration the many ways people live their lives. From the size of furniture pieces to number of family members to mobility limitations – there are many factors that impact how we design units that meet the needs of the people who call them home. 

Whether designing individual units or community spaces, there is no room for error. These spaces play intimate roles in their inhabitant’s lives. They need to be healthy places of safety, and respite that are flexible enough to allow for a wide range of living styles, ages, family sizes and configurations. Designing homes of dignity is a job we take very seriously. 

Read or download a brochure about our affordable housing experience on Issuu.