[VIDEO] Exploring Northlake Commons: A Journey through Forest-Inspired, Sustainable Architecture

Cody Lodi photo
By Cody Lodi

Design Principal Cody Lodi AIA, LEED AP has established himself as a design leader and a creative collaborator at Weber Thompson. He has over 15 years of experience working at all scales with a focus on creating healthy, high-performance architecture. He believes in leveraging emerging digital technologies and delivery methods to better inform the design process. Cody is a mass timber advocate and design lead in the Workplace studio.

How can local ecology influence design in architecture? Northlake Commons, the largest mass timber lab-ready office underway in Seattle, is exploring just that. We sat down with Design Lead, Cody Lodi, to gain insight on this innovative project.

Take a Design Break to learn about the unique elements that make up this project, including Cody’s favorite detail, the courtyard columns that give rise to “a walk in the forest.”


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