Seattle’s canvas expands with murals at Northlake Commons and The Ayer

Have you had a chance to see the recently completed murals at Northlake Commons and The Ayer? Both paintings beautifully blend into the urban landscape with touches of natural inspiration. Learn more about the stories behind these local artworks.

Northlake Commons

Artist Tori Shao (Photo by Alessandra Brescia courtesy Seattle Art Source)

The mural at Northlake Commons by artist Tori Shao immerses passing pedestrians in the understory of a forest, where trunks of red alder and western red cedar are dappled with sunlight filtering from the canopy above. More than just echoing the design concept of the mass timber building, the red alder and western red cedar are commonly found growing together in our region. They symbolize our deep connection to, and dependence on, our forests. These species hold cultural significance for the Indigenous peoples in our region and play a vital ecological role, supporting a variety of plants and animals within our forests.

The mural was chosen by the development team from The HessCallahanGrey Group and Spear Street Capital, in collaboration with Weber Thompson and the Dunn Family. Seattle Art Source served as the art advisor.

The Ayer

Artist Ben Hose (Photo by David Hose)

Drawing from the architectural features of The Ayer, the mural by artist Ben Hose, an alumnus of The Cornish School of the Arts, echoes the building’s emphasis on raw and organic materials. Ben was inspired by the white grid structure framing the windows above The Ayer’s main entrance. This design segments city reflections into captivating shapes and distinct sections. In his mural, he extrapolates this theme, breaking the composition into interconnected scenes of varying scales. Strategically positioned in a transitional setting, the mural appeals to the contemporary viewer on the go.

The mural was commissioned by The Ayer’s developer, Holland Partner Group, in collaboration with The Cornish School of the Arts.

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