Rick Nishino

Principal — AIA, LEED AP

Rick Nishino photo

It is hard to overstate Rick’s importance to Weber Thompson. When he joined the firm in 1998 he brought extensive knowledge of construction administration and has developed CA into a core area of practice for the firm. Rick is a resource on CA for nearly all of the firm’s projects, oversees building code analysis, technical issues and quality assurance, and is the man everyone goes to with their construction questions. As a graduate from Washington State University where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture, Rick integrates his analytical mind and creativity into an array of areas.

A licensed architect in Washington State, Rick has over 30 years of experience in architecture, planning and construction administration for high-rise, mid-rise, multifamily, mixed-use, retail, office and industrial projects. His knowledge and skills are continuously adapting to the growing and changing market in Seattle.

Beyond his experience and technical know-how, Rick is a solutions-based, problem-solving thinker, and one of the most level headed people in the industry. He has the ability to calm down any situation, and take any challenge in stride. It is no wonder that Rick has one of the most exemplary reputations in the field, and is a team member who most clients ask for by name.


Washington State University, Bachelor of Architecture



Construction Administration Principal

Construction Administration Principal

Construction Administration Principal

Construction Administration Principal