Celebrating Bike Month at Weber Thompson

Aaron Swain
By Aaron Swain

Senior Associate, Aaron Swain was project manager during design of Solis, Weber Thompson’s Certified Passive House project in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. He is currently the Senior Project Architect on 616 Battery, a 45-story high rise in the Denny Triangle neighborhood.

Bike Month at Weber Thompson

Another May has come and gone, inspiring cyclists across Washington to get out and get fit for the glory of the summer months to come. With the long days, fantastic sunshine, and temperate 70-degree weather, we are reminded why we bear the dark, damp winter months. Weber Thompson had 21 staffers in this voluntary group that were split into three teams.  Each team represented different non-profit organizations, competing for charitable donations in a winner-take-all, all-rides-count race for maximum mileage for the month.

The Deadly Steel Goats made a valiant effort with their awesome (and scary!) custom logo design.  WT-Crazylegs, too, brought their game, but in the end it was the WT-Mossbacks that proved their dedication to the bicycle, awarding their charity of choice—the Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI)—the spoils of the fund raising efforts (matched in total by Weber Thompson, in support of the teams’ efforts).

At the end of the day, though, it is the memories from the month that we will carry with us:  A Mountain Bike outing at Duthie Hill State Park, a Happy Hour ride around the pond to Fremont Brewing; a sunny Saturday brewery ride to Ballard favorites Stoup and Reuben’s, a lunchtime Fremont ride to see the progress at one of Weber Thompson’s latest office projects, “Data 1” (slated for completion later this summer); and of course the numerous commute trips to and from our South Lake Union home-away-from-home.

Props go out to our employee riders for reducing our global carbon footprint with their efforts, and to all the riders that got out there and took a chance to experience how cycling may enhance their lives!

Overall Results:

  1. Miles ridden: 2,337
  2. Funds raised: $818.45 to LIHI

Team Results:

  1. WT Mossbacks
    3889 points (distance + day)
    1169 miles
    Kristen Scott – Big winner with 435 miles!
  2. WT Crazylegs
    2384 points (distance + day)
    744 miles
  3. WT Deadly Steel Goats
    1364 points (distance + day)
    424 miles

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