Weber Thompson Offices

Seattle, WA

Project Information

  • A 10,000 sf office space
  • Floor plan, exposed ceilings and limited materials all encourage air movement to compensate for the lack of air conditioning.
  • Circulation paths are along the glass on the perimeter of the building and on the courtyard mitigating extremes in light, temperature and solar gain.
  • Workstations have a maximum height of 42” to allow all employees to have direct outside views. Transparent panels allow daylight to penetrate.
  • Predominately light colors are used (white walls, furnishings and work surfaces) to enhance day lighting.
  • Indirect overhead light minimizes glare and provides soft, even lighting controlled by sensors that turn on only when daylight is not sufficient.
  • Office is certified LEED Platinum for Commercial Interiors
TAGS: Commercial Interiors, Sustainable Certification, South Lake Union
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