Jack Himmelheber


Jack Himmelheber

After joining Weber Thompson’s high rise team, Jack quickly established himself as an architecture and graphic design powerhouse, ushering through the design of Seattle’s Stratus before launching a two tower project in Bellevue. Both of these projects have an added attractive value for Jack – he can easily visit them.

Spending eight years working on high rises in China, the Middle East and India, made Jack eager to work on high rises that would affect his local skyline. For these projects, Jack works from design concept to completion moving between CAD, computer modeling, hand sketches and physical models to refine elements, check for accuracy and test the design’s aesthetic quality, efficiency and pragmatism. 

In addition to architecture, Jack also has a passion for urban design. He loves musing about the connections between human scale, building scale and city scale. He believes that when the disciplines of architecture and urban design intersect, a higher quality space is created. For him, the ultimate goal is increasing public use and allowing for a diverse group of users living, working and playing in equity.

A LEED Accredited Professional, Jack also believes in architecture as a catalyst for environmental stewardship, but he’s still a humanist. He believes that through design, the built and natural worlds can exist in harmony.

A native of Maryland, where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Jack spends his spare time trying new Seattle restaurants, indulging his love for backcountry skiing, and cycling.


University of Maryland, College Park, Master of Architecture, Concentration in Urban Design

University of Maryland, College Park, Bachelor of Science, Architecture