Architecture firms marshal resources to supply health workers with face shields | Daily Journal of Commerce

This article was originally featured in the Daily Journal of Commerce on April 3, 2020.

Architecture firms Weber Thompson of Seattle and MZA of Bellevue are helping supply face shields and goggles to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic locally.

Over a two-week period, Weber Thompson plans to print 100 bands — the rigid plastic piece to which the clear face shield attaches to protect the wearer. The bands will be delivered to Seattle Makers, which will attach them and distribute the shields.

Makers’ goal is to produce or collect 5,000 shields for distribution to local hospitals, essential businesses and facilities, homeless shelter workers and others fighting COVID-19, according to Jeremy Hanson, a co-founder. Makers is giving them free to those who can’t afford them, and charging those who can, with part of the effort being crowdfunded.


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