WT Art Show: A showcase of hidden talents & creativity

The WT Art Show returned this month, offering an impressive display of hidden talents from our resident artists. The exhibit showcased diverse artistry, spanning from acrylic paintings, ceramics, crochet, quilts, to origami, revealing the wealth of creativity within our team.

A lively afternoon reception kicked off the event, giving everyone a chance to chat about the displayed artworks and the inspirations behind them. Scroll down for a glimpse of the amazing talent among our staff – a collection that contributes to the richness of our collective creative culture.

Ceramics by Johanna Lirman

Paintings by Nicole Winn

Ceramics by Brittany Porter

Origami by Azita Footohi

Origami by Azita Footohi

Knits by Jason Hanner

Jewelry by Kristen Scott

Ceramics by Marina Sosner

Sketches by Marc Furst

Collection of art by Jen Primm

Collection of art by Rachael Meyer

Baby quilt by Monica Knapp

Paintings by Sandy Enriquez

Sketches by Sam Castro

Artwork by Tiffani Erdmanczyk

Artwork by Bernadette Kelly

Tiny art by Lara Tedrow


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