For Associate Maggie Cowgill Carson, architecture represents the opportunity to add art and value to people’s lives. Understanding the end user, whether it be the shopper, employee or resident, is key to tailor a space they can relate to and embrace as their own. This is an important point for Maggie, so much so that she completed a Marketing Management program at the University of Washington just so she could gain more tools for understanding and speaking to targeted groups of people.

Maggie has nearly ten years of experience creating spaces that range from retail to large international mixed-use projects. Seeing residential architecture as a great extension of designing for targeted groups, she joined Weber Thompson to work on affordable housing and market-rate residential projects. As the designer for Raven Terrace, located in the Yesler Terrace neighborhood of Seattle, Maggie brought a sensitivity to future resident needs and concerns, going so far as to help organize a book drive for residents after the building was compete.

When not finding design solutions for residential projects, Maggie follows a lifelong passion for painting and drawing, taking breaks to venture out of doors on her bike and kayak, as well as spending time with her husband and son.

Maggie Cowgill Carson LEED AP

Bachelor of Art, Architecture
Miami University, Ohio