The Terry Thomas

Seattle, WA

Project Information

  • A four story, 40,000 sf commercial building with two levels of sub-grade parking.
  • LEED Gold certified for Core and Shell
  • Consumes 56% less energy than a typical class A office building based on the Department of Energy’s National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Metric. 
  • Saves 45-50% water usages through storm water drainage system, efficient plumbing fixtures and waterless urinals.
  • 30% energy savings through efficient hydronic heating, efficient equipment, electronically controlled lighting, ample daylighting, high windows, and white reflectant ceilings and interior surfaces.
  • Efficient material use by using exposed structure as finish, recyclable materials and materials with recycled content.
  • Provided individual control over thermal environment with multiple thermostatas, operable windows, and task lights for all employees.
  • Installed CO2 sensors throughout the office to monitor indoor air quality and automatically open louvers to allow fresh air in.
  • Used only low VOC adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings and primers; Green Label Plus Program carpet; Green Guard certified workstations and task chairs; and no urea-formaldehyde in any interior product.
  • Kept workstations to maximum height of 42” to allow all employees to have direct outside views. 
TAGS: Commercial Architecture, Sustainable Certification
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