“Rad Row House”: A Musical Celebration of Affordable Housing Week

The Weber Thompson office is full of talented, passionate individuals who care about the issues surrounding our city. Last month a few of these individuals stepped up to help us participate in the Housing Development Consortium’s (HDC) 2017 Affordable Housing Week. The week took place from May 15th-22nd and focused on the growing issue of affordability and livability in Seattle.

The HDC kicked off the week’s festivities with a theme song contest relating the issues. Never shying away from a chance to share our enthusiasm and support for our city, we called for volunteers to help us create a theme song that could rival past influential songs such as “We Are the World.” A tall order, but we were up to the challenge.

With several people stepping forward, our band began to form and brainstorming sessions for our song were underway. We wanted to create something catchy and fun, while focusing on the theme of the week. The combination of HALA (Housing Affordability and Livability) and the beginning hook of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” were the catalyst of inspiration for our “Rad Row House” lyrics.

“Get me a multi-faml’y tax exemp-shun,
You and me could build a rad row haaaouse!
Oh oh oha oh
Get me a multi-faml’y tax exemp-shun,
You and me could build a rad row haaaouse!”

On the day of recording our enthusiastic (and somewhat off key) voices filled the office, backed by the rhythm of our instruments that ranged from a guitar, ukulele, mini-xylophone, tambourine and most notable, a box of paper clips. After a little practice and a couple takes to get it just right, we had completed our music video and WT’s hottest new band, Two Turntables and a Micro House, was born.

Two Turntables and a Micro House accepting the HDC Award of Awesomeness

We submitted our video to the HDC, and after a few days, we were notified that “Rad Row House” was the contest winner! The video ended up going viral, receiving thousands of views and numerous shares after posting on the Weber Thompson Facebook page. In the following weeks, a member of the HDC stopped by our office to award Two Turntables and a Micro House with the official “HDC Certificate of Awesomeness”.

We had a lot of fun throughout the process of making this video, but in the end, we are most excited about helping to create awareness around the issues surrounding our city. Thank you to the HDC for organizing Affordable Housing Week and for allowing us the opportunity to showcase our talents in a meaningful way.

Give “Rad Row House” a listen, but beware, you will likely have the jingle “HALA-halalala” replaying in your mind for hours after.

No word yet on when Two Turntables and a Micro House will be releasing their first LP.

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