World Landscape Architecture Month

Join us in celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) with the WTLA team and learn about our projects including the buzzing bees at Watershed and more.


“Is that Lupine or Pacific Coast Iris?”

With Landscape Designer Shoshanah Haberman’s help, we’ve created a handy guide to help identify the plants in Phase three of the Aurora Bridge Swales. Meet the plants that make this project flourish.


Drawing in plan and elevation view at the same time allows for a more thoughtful and creative design process. Here, the landscape team is exploring water feature designs for a new retirement community located in the Ravenna neighborhood.

Public Spaces

Exploring a new city, we often visit public spaces connected through a patchwork of streetscapes. They paint a picture of a city’s local communities – reflecting a neighborhood’s character, inviting us to interact, or offering verdant pathways to meander. Check out these placemaking landscape architecture projects throughout different Seattle neighborhoods.


The Aurora Bridge Swales and Watershed work together to create an environment where biodiversity thrives. On Watershed’s rooftop, there’s an Urban Apiary with four beehives that connect to a buzzing “pollinator pathway” in the Fremont neighborhood. Additionally, the bronze spillways along the swales make for the perfect hangout spot for thirsty bees in the summertime.

This design detail was conceived during an internal biomimicry charette where we drew inspiration from nature. After all, bees get thirsty too!


Don’t let your urban oasis wither: Tips for springtime landscaping maintenance: Discover how to transform the rough edges of city life into a breathtaking tapestry of light, texture, and color with these tips from landscape designer Shoshanah Haberman on how to get your streetscape ready for spring and beyond.

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