Congratulations to Tanya Kataria for being appointed to the Edmonds Citizens’ Housing Commission

Tanya Kataria
By Tanya Kataria

Pursuing a degree in architecture was a natural choice for Tanya. Born and raised in India, she grew up admiring forts, tombs and minarets of the Mughal architecture and grand buildings of the Colonial era.

In addition to being a LEED Green Associate, Tanya is a WELL Building certified Accredited Professional, a standard that focuses on the impact of a building on human health and wellness. If not already evident, sustainability is one of Tanya’s core passions and she seeks to integrate sustainable strategies into her projects whenever possible.

Join us in congratulating Tanya Kataria for being appointed to the Edmonds Citizens’ Housing Commission! She is one of fifteen Commissioners to be selected out of 135 applications to be appointed by City Council members. This new task force will work to develop diverse housing policies to expand the range of housing (rentals and owned) available in Edmonds by 2020.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to alleviating housing issues facing my city. I hope to propose suitable urban design and architectural strategies and collaborate with other commission members to make a positive difference.”

The Housing Commission has held two meetings so far and have jumped into action by understanding planning principles and housing policies in Edmonds, and discussing opportunities for community engagement.

Meetings occur the second Thursdays of each month and are open to the public. You can also live stream the meetings through their website. Visit the Edmonds Citizens’ Housing Commission website for more information.

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