[VIDEO] Learn about Solis, Washington State’s largest Passive House project

Solis is currently the largest certified Passive House project in Washington State. One of the healthiest buildings on the market, it drastically reduces its energy use through the innovative application of simple design strategies and conventional materials. Learn about this new Capitol Hill multifamily project from Weber Thompson design team members Emily Doe, Aaron Swain, and Noelle Galicia as they discuss design strategies such as:

  • The fundamentals of passive house design: a continuous air barrier and thermal envelope as well as a balanced ventilation system.
  • How wall penetrations were managed to ensure an air tight envelope.
  • How the energy recovery ventilators, the lungs of the building, work to promote the health of the residents.

Solis sets a new standard for multifamily development, proving that impressive energy efficiency can be achieved for market rate buildings. It is a rallying cry for developers, builders and architects. We can realize the extraordinary, using ordinary materials and processes.

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