Rick rollin’ for Food Frenzy

2019 marks Weber Thompson’s fifth consecutive year of participation in the Food Frenzy competition. If you aren’t familiar with the competition, it consists of local businesses competing against each other to raise money for Food Lifeline, a local organization that helps provide meals for local children, seniors, veterans and families who are facing hunger.

Photo of Rick Nishino's carboard cutout

Principal Rick Nishino’s cardboard cutout for Food Frenzy

In past years we’ve participated in the competition by selling baked goods, hosting office happy hours, volunteering at Food Lifeline’s warehouse facility and dressing to the nines for a Garden Party celebration in The Terry Thomas courtyard.  This year, in addition to our annual Bake Sale, we decided to focus the Food Frenzy spotlight on our own Rick Nishino. Rick is a Principal who has been part of the WT family for over 20 years, guiding teams through the CA process in a calm and thoughtful manner.

Rick Rollin’ through the Terry Thomas

We stealthy created a life-size cardboard cutout of Rick, strapped him to a dolly with a tool belt and sent him on his way to help raise money in support of Food Lifeline. Rick made his way around the office visiting people’s desks and joining in several different meetings throughout the week.

We even got the real Rick to donate a few dollars to Rick’s tool belt, or, ‘Rick’s Tips’ as we began to refer to them as the week went on.

Principal Rick Nishino poses with his cardboard cut out for Food Frenzy

Hunger Doesn’t Have to Happen

Every year we are reminded by Food Lifeline’s slogan that “Hunger Doesn’t Have to Happen.” All in all, we raised over $1,000 for Food Frenzy which equals about 4,000 meals for those in need, but the efforts don’t have to stop here. Food Lifeline accepts donations throughout the year and they always welcome volunteers at their Hunger Solution Facility.

For more info on how you can help, visit www.FoodLifeline.org</a

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