Lisa Kim Bartin

Lisa Kim Bartin

Lisa’s career has been an exercise in building metaphorical bridges. Between interior design, master planning and architecture, Lisa relishes being the intersection of these different disciplines, weaving them in and out to create a fully integrated whole.

Starting on the inside, Lisa spent eight rigorous years in interior design before branching out, way out, to focus on large master planned developments. Meeting in the middle, she discovered a passion for unit planning and multifamily projects, bridging it with her previous experience and creating a place where she excels – tracing the complex threads of a building, be they from consultants, designers or developers, and making sure they are in their proper place.

When not having multiple fingers in multiple architectural pies, Lisa’s inspirations fall onto an equally eclectic board of ideas. From jewelry making and playing the piano and clarinet, to spending time with her family and traveling, her growing list of mused activities provide her with a forever developing and creative eye.


Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Master of Architecture

Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, minor in Spanish