Jason Hanner

Associate — AIA, LEED AP

Jason Hanner photo

Jason Hanner is a master of solving puzzles. Whether it is a detail he is drafting for a building, creating his own physical building models or working on his latest motorcycle – a puzzle is what draws him into a project. Since joining Weber Thompson in 1999, Jason has solved a lot of puzzles.  

A graduate from the University of Washington where he earned his Masters in Architecture, Jason was first introduced to the world of architecture and design in his 9th grade drafting class. He has over 20 years of experience in mixed use and student housing in all phases from SD to CA.

Taking his passion for technical detail, design and his overall enjoyment of building things for the road, Jason has thus far built four motorcycles and still harbors a secret desire to attend racing school in the South of France at Windfield Driving Academy.


University of Washington, Master of Architecture

University of Minnesota College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture