Emily Evenson

Senior Associate — AIA, LFA

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Emily believes housing is a basic human right. As an architect, this has drawn her to clients and projects that pursue affordable and equitable housing whenever possible. 

Her main body of work over the last nine years has been in mid-rise, multifamily housing in the Seattle area, many of which fall under the affordable housing umbrella. 

Emily enjoys all aspects of design: from exploring dynamic massing strategies to simple and elegant design solutions for complicated problems, and executing with well-developed details. With a “let’s halt climate change” attitude, she has a passion for high performance buildings and attained her Certified Passive House Design credential in 2017. Passive House principles “provide people with homes that have very low energy costs overall, have better acoustic performance, enhanced thermal comfort, and cleaner, healthier air to breath at all times.” Her goal is to help colleagues and developers deliver beautiful, socially responsible, and sustainable projects to the region.

A self-proclaimed “Type 2 fun” (activities that are miserable at the time but fun after the fact) enthusiast, she spends weekends enjoying outdoor activities like biking, climbing, running, and aggressive hikes. In her downtime between outside activities and work, you can catch her eating or planning her next meal.


University of Oregon, Bachelor of Architecture


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