25th Annual Seattle Architecture Foundation Model Exhibit Opening

25th Annual Model Exhibit | JUNCTION

Junctions are most commonly a place to come together, marking a convergent place where two becomes one. When each party comes together to contribute to a greater whole, these unions can generate synergy. By building new connections between previously disparate objects, ideas, people, and disciplines, junctions present opportunities to celebrate how harmony can emerge from collaboration. 

At the same time, a junction can be understood from the converse direction. They are also places defined by shifting paths, like a stream splitting or one road meeting another, where the one can become two. “JUNCTION”, SAF’s 25th Architectural Model Exhibit, illuminates and invites us to reflect on the dual craving for spaces that celebrate individual pathways as well as those that promote collaboration. What connections will our society choose to build as we navigate an uncertain future? How can intelligent design create spaces – physical, virtual, or imagined – that honor identity while promoting cohesion?

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