Artifact Challenge: 2018 Seattle Design Festival

The Artifact Challenge game was designed for the 2018 Seattle Design Festival.

Artifact Challenge at the Seattle Design Festival

Artifact is a sculptural game developed for the 2018 Seattle Design Festival in which the theme of Trust was explored. The design game ‘flips the script’ of trust – Weber Thompson designed the game pieces, but ultimately, the final design outcome is in the hands of the participant, in this case the public at the 2018 SDF Block Party.

Artifact invites participants to connect and balance interlocking game pieces to create a sculptural design. Players can create free form sculptures or complete preset “Artifact Challenges” such as longest cantilever or use all the pieces. The number of outcomes are endless and unique.

Artifact Challenge prototypes

The design team iterated digital design options before prototyping on a laser cutting machine. Ultimately, a high quality plywood was selected and full scale mock ups were CNC routed from Turner Construction’s digital fabrication shop before the final game pieces were produced. After a final sanding and waxing, the pieces were transported to the design festival in a custom triangular box fabricated by Weber Thompson.

Thanks to our collaborators:

Turner Construction  |  Fabrication

Makerologist  |  Conceptual Design + Prototyping

Patcraft  |  Carpet Tile Donation

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