Q&A with The Blackprint Podcast creator, Meredith Everist

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As part of our week-long Instagram takeover with NOMA|nw, we highlighted The Blackprint podcast, a thrival guide for the emerging BIPOC architect, created by Meredith Everist, AIA—a NOMA|nw member since 2018. Meredith’s passion for shaping healthy communities and creating thriving spaces led her to architecture and fuels her every day. With over 29 years in the architectural profession and her current role as President and Managing Principal at Baylis Architects, Meredith brings a wealth of experience and valuable insights to her conversations with guests.

Meredith answered a few questions, sharing insights into her podcast, which features meaningful stories and experiences from architects at various stages of their careers:

What inspired you to start your podcast?

Years ago, at a Seattle Diversity Roundtable meeting, the group was sharing their professional stories and I found the moment to be very inspirational. I have always enjoyed learning how individuals overcome obstacles and how they stay motivated when facing challenges. Due to our underrepresentation in the profession, BIPOC individuals face a unique set of obstacles and we thrive when we have a strong support system. I want the podcast to be a component of that support system – to motivate and inspire emerging architects.

Who are the guests on the podcast and what can listeners expect to learn from them?

My guests on the podcast range from college students to veterans with decades of experience. In these first episodes, I have uncovered a common theme. Architecture is challenging for all of us and what keeps us engaged is our passion for the profession. How this passion sprouts, grows, and is maintained is fascinating and varied. I think listeners will learn from and be inspired by these stories. 

Can you share a memorable moment or an impactful story from one of your podcast episodes that resonated with you

That’s tough because each episode has special takeaways. I love in episode 3 how Whitney Lewis Lockhart uses dialog from Black Panther as a tip to navigate a tough day at the office. In episode 4 there is a special moment where Donald King, FAIA, highlights his mission to influence social justice through community-based architecture. I think his experience will resonate with many architects who also want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others through design.

What do you hope listeners take away from the personal stories and experiences shared on your podcast?

I want to stress the importance of increasing BIPOC representation in architecture – at all levels of the profession. I want listeners to know that they if they are struggling in the profession and have doubts, they are not alone. My guests share their challenges and how they managed to stay on the path.

Who are upcoming guests we can look forward to?

A cool thing about being an architect is that you can say you passed the grueling Architect Registration Exam. As this exam has evolved over the decades, so has the experience and perspective of those studying for and taking this exam. In my next episode we will delve into the determination and resiliency it takes to successfully navigate the Architect Registration Exam 5.0.  My guest will be Alyssa Mitchell, Architect. I think this episode will be valuable for both the emerging architect preparing for the exam, and the architect who is in a mentoring role.

Learn more about The Blackprint podcast and listen to all of the episodes

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