Victory at the U

The future home of UW students and a new expanded indoor/outdoor space for the site’s existing Go Center, Victory at the U is the welcoming party for everyone entering the U District.


Seattle, WA


Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

PROJECT Overview

21-Story Student Housing Tower
110 Units – Mix of Townhouses and 4-Bedroom Units
Two Parking Levels
Ample Bike Storage


Pursuing LEED Gold and the City of Seattle Green Building Standards


Amanda Keating
Principal in Charge

Bernadette Kelly
Interior Design Principal

Rachael Meyer
Landscape Architecture Principal


Weber Thompson provided comprehensive architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design services for Victory at the U.

renderings: weber thompson

Victory at the U Architecture

Expressing the nature of an entire neighborhood is a delicate task. Victory at the U aims to revitalize a strip of aging, low-rise commercial buildings and surface parking lots that line the path between UW and the bustling Wallingford neighborhood.

Falling water massing

The building’s massing is elegant and timeless, with a dramatic corner waterfall expression that falls down the prominent façade to meet a large plaza. The building top is conceived as the ‘crest’ of the waterfall, where water flows over the precipice. The façade emulates cascading water, increasing the size of the window groupings toward the bottom.

Victory at the U Interior Design

The Victory at the U interior concept follows the architectural inspiration of waterfalls, creating a current of relaxation and focus for residents and visitors.

Flow on in

The design takes cues from the macro view of the waterfall and the journey it takes from the mountain to the sound to the micro view, focusing on reflection, layers of mist, and flow. This concept carries through in the curved flooring transitions in the lobby, the sculptural concierge desk, cascading pendants, ethereal drapery feature over the coffee bar, and materials throughout.

Victory at the U Landscape Architecture

Exteriors at Victory at the U reflect its neighborhood gateway status, from a generous front porch to lush landscaping and ample outdoor amenities.

Respite amidst the rush

Victory at the U’s landscape integrates seamlessly into the project’s waterfall concept – eddies of seating are nestled into the lush landscape, evoking water flow along river edges. Tiered, board-formed concrete benches flow down to the street level and make the plaza accessible to the public.

Victory at the U in the News

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