Yugyeong Lee

LEED Green Assoc.

Photo of Yugy Lee

From an early age, Yugyeong was drawn to the intersection of design and architecture. She pursued this interest at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Architecture and minoring in Media Design. This unique blend of fields provided her with a diverse perspective, shaping her approach to creating spaces that are not just functional, but also tell a story.

Travel, particularly her study abroad in Barcelona, and conversations with others inspire her creativity. Despite the challenging start to her career during the COVID pandemic, an internship in Korea sparked her interest in multi-family projects, leading her to Weber Thompson in 2023.

As a Job Captain, Yugyeong has made it her mission to create cohesive, responsible designs that resonate with their environments. She’s a member of the Modera Bridle Trails team, driving production and constantly learning, particularly about multi-family projects and Revit.

When not immersed in architecture, Yugyeong enjoys bouldering for a physical and mental workout. Looking ahead, she’s focused on earning her architectural licensure, expanding her Seattle network, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelor of Architecture / Minor in Media Design