Tom Geeslin


Tom Geeslin

Originally from Texas, Tom joined WT in 2019 as one of the most enthusiastic and energetic team members to join the firm. His positive attitude and swift adaptability through the design process is one of his greatest strengths. He is currently working on the Trailside Phase 2 Student Housing project where he brings his high-energy, innovative ideas and efficient workflow to the team.

Exploring fearless designs is what inspires Tom the most. He seeks inspiration in projects that create a juxtaposition between rigor and chaos – exploring how the design comes together to tell a cohesive, well-designed story.

Tom keeps his energy turned up to the highest level outside of the office as well. As a former collegiate water-skier, you can find him on Lake Sammamish every day at 5:30am during the summer brushing up on his water-skiing skills. 


University of Arkansas, Bachelor of Architecture