Temyka Boots

Temyka Boots photo

From Australia to Europe, to Asia and the Middle East, Temyka joins Weber Thompson after spending most of her life travelling and experiencing cultures from all over the world. Inspired by her surroundings, she knew from a young age that she wanted to become an architect. Her experience as a world traveler has fueled the passion and creativity towards her career – allowing her to adopt a unique approach to design thinking.

As a highly motivated and ambitious professional, she’s always looking for opportunities to increase her skills and knowledge – specifically when it comes to passive house and other sustainable design strategies. Designing a home that is healthy for its inhabitants and the environment is what matters most to Temyka. She believes that “architecture should enhance and excite us as humans, inspire us, and work to improve the landscape in which it sits.” 

When she’s not soaking in inspiration from beachfront walks, or learning as much as she can about interior design and landscape architecture, Temyka can be found sharpening her dance skills and exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest. 


University of New South Wales, Master of Architecture

Deakin University, Bachelor of Design Architecture