Marina Sosner

Headshot of Marina Sosner

As an analytical thinker and someone who likes a good challenge, Marina enjoys the steep learning curve and complexities found in architecture. Growing up in a small, remote town in Hawaii she was eager to attend college in an urban environment far from home. She made the leap to Boston, where she earned a degree in Architectural Studies from Northeastern University. Upon graduation, Marina landed in Seattle, where she worked on a single project (from Design Development through Construction Administration) for four years. Looking for a change of pace, Marina started a new chapter in her career at Weber Thompson in 2022 as a Project Designer.

In her free time, you might find Marina throwing pottery on a wheel or filling her handmade ceramic bowls with home-cooked meals. For her, food is a constant obsession, whether eating it, cooking it, or talking about it. In fact, she’s working on a project to create her own recipe cards, which she sees as a great excuse to test new recipes and stretch her graphic design muscles.


Northeastern University, Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies