A glimpse inside the co-working spaces at Nexus

Residents have started moving into the recently completed, and highly anticipated high rise tower, Nexus. There are a number of amenity spaces for the residents to enjoy including a catering kitchen, media room, Sky Lounge, and multiple co-working spaces. We recently sat down with Rachael Bauer, Senior Interior Designer of Nexus, to learn more about the design of the beautiful co-working spaces on the 7th floor: Continue reading “A glimpse inside the co-working spaces at Nexus”

Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students

Long gone are the days when student housing was synonymous with run-down, dilapidated, and mis-managed apartments.  Students today are demanding extra amenities that will enhance their living experience, making today’s student housing model very similar to traditional market rate apartments. While student housing is aligning more closely with market rate apartments, there are some key differences in the amenities and services that students find desirable and can have a significant impact on a project’s success. Continue reading “Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students”

What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?

We’ve all received the evil eye from the barista when we occupy real estate for hours in the coffee shop trying to work remotely. Or distractions and failing technology prevent us from working at home. Perhaps we simply want to work in the presence of other people. Whatever the reason, we’ve seen coworking spaces take off in a variety of forms to help solve some of these issues. Continue reading “What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?”

We’re Hiring! Interior Architect / Interior Designer

Weber Thompson’s Interior Design Studio is on the hunt for a new fantastic member of our award winning team. We are a group of nine professionals in an office of over 70 people, working on developer driven, modern projects that range from affordable housing, to restaurants to high end luxury developments. Our ID team is renowned for our fresh, timeless designs coupled with technical rigor, an adherence to ADA standards and a commitment to sustainability. Continue reading “We’re Hiring! Interior Architect / Interior Designer”

Converting units to homes at Arbora Court: The power of interior furnishings

Arbora Court

Bellwether Housing and Weber Thompson have been working closely together for the past four years to complete Arbora Court, a low-income housing project providing 133 new homes for Seattle. Forty of these units are specifically for families transitioning out of homelessness, which is the group being most quickly displaced in Seattle’s insane housing crunch. The project was completed in June and residents have moved in – many of whom are finally feeling relief from the financial burden of housing costs allowing them to focus on what is most important – their family. Continue reading “Converting units to homes at Arbora Court: The power of interior furnishings”

Designing for mental health: Six strategies to consider in workplace design

While I have proven my passion for designing for those with physical disabilities with the creation of the residential multi-family targeted “Rachael Shower Pan”, I also believe there are strategies to expand accessible design outside the home to the next place we spend most of our time (if not more than our own residence) – the office. Continue reading “Designing for mental health: Six strategies to consider in workplace design”

“The Rachael Shower Pan”: A seamless design solution

Numerous vendors have presented their products to my interior design team at Weber Thompson. Every time a bath fixture vendor has promoted a shower pan I’ve eagerly asked if we can customize their pan, and every time I’ve prepared myself for the usual negative answer. However, one lucky day a few years ago I finally heard the response I wanted. With no hesitation, a local representative for MTI Baths took me up on the offer, and the process of customization began. Continue reading ““The Rachael Shower Pan”: A seamless design solution”

Big City Living where X marks the spot


Soon one will be able to differentiate the Nexus condominium towers from surrounding high-rise towers due to its unique twisting forms, generating an “X” as the floorplates travel up the building. While the architecture is certainly fascinating, the rotation of floorplates provide unique views and experiences for each condo owner. These grand views are only one of the many features driving buyers to rush to reserve their condo unit. Equally important are the one-of-a-kind interiors which reflect the building’s design language. Let me share a few secrets Weber Thompson incorporated into these floorplans to better utilize space and ultimately reinforce these breathtaking views. Continue reading “Big City Living where X marks the spot”