NEXUS Condominium Tower in Seattle Hosts Tour

The content from this article was originally posted on The Registry on March 11, 2020.

Burrard Properties was pleased to host the “Experience NEXUS” fundraiser for members of the Seattle Architecture Foundation (SAF) at the newly finished NEXUS high rise in downtown Seattle on March 3rd. The event, co-hosted by Weber Thompson, was in support of SAF’s architecture education and youth programs and was one of the first public tours of the first condominium tower to complete in Downtown Seattle in close to a decade. Continue reading “NEXUS Condominium Tower in Seattle Hosts Tour”

A glimpse inside the co-working spaces at Nexus

Residents have started moving into the recently completed, and highly anticipated high rise tower, Nexus. There are a number of amenity spaces for the residents to enjoy including a catering kitchen, media room, Sky Lounge, and multiple co-working spaces. We recently sat down with Rachael Bauer, Senior Interior Designer of Nexus, to learn more about the design of the beautiful co-working spaces on the 7th floor: Continue reading “A glimpse inside the co-working spaces at Nexus”

The Future of Buildings Already Exists

The sustainable architecture conversation has shifted somewhat in recent years from energy to carbon. Lowering energy use in buildings used to be a goal in and of itself, but today we think of lower energy use contributing to a lower “carbon impact” – a shorthand for greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to a changing global climate. From Renovate, Retrofit, Reuse, a paper published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in September 2019:

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Mass timber is bringing the warmth of wood to the workplace

Many of Puget Sound’s most beloved buildings were born from our rugged site and climatic conditions. Notable Northwest architects Paul Thiry, Wendell Lovett and Paul Hayden Kirk developed the architectural language of Northwest Regionalism, favoring locally harvested wood and stone that echoed the forested landscape and framed vistas of our mountains and waterways. Continue reading “Mass timber is bringing the warmth of wood to the workplace”

Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students

Long gone are the days when student housing was synonymous with run-down, dilapidated, and mis-managed apartments.  Students today are demanding extra amenities that will enhance their living experience, making today’s student housing model very similar to traditional market rate apartments. While student housing is aligning more closely with market rate apartments, there are some key differences in the amenities and services that students find desirable and can have a significant impact on a project’s success. Continue reading “Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students”

It’s All In The Details: Solis Passive House Project Aces Its First Test

Countless hours of hard work, collaboration and dedication to building an ultra-energy efficient multifamily Passive House project have paid off. Solis, our project located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, recently hit a very important milestone: it aced its preliminary air barrier test! Continue reading “It’s All In The Details: Solis Passive House Project Aces Its First Test”