Talking Sustainability

Sustainability is important to me because…

“I’d like to be considered part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

austin besse
Senior Associate
“Humans are part of a delicate and tenuous natural system, and it’s our responsibility to avoid obstructing that beautiful balance.”

brittany porter
Team Member
“I want future generations to be able to continue to call this planet home.”

erin hatch
Senior Associate
“There is a lot that our built environment can do to support a healthy ecosystem!”

rachael meyer

Sustainability inspires me to…

“Design in a more holistic way.”

fanny idoux
Team Member
“Live better personally and build a world that’s better than I found it. ”

tanya kataria
Team Member
“Find ways to leave a lighter footprint on this planet in my daily life.”

chelsea gorkiewicz
“Seek to deepen clarity for good design and ecologically restorative buildings.”

kirsten clemens
Senior Associate

Instead of sustainability, let’s call it…

“Resiliency. Habits, policy and overall design should address environmental, economic & social considerations while being able to adapt to change.”

susan frieson
Let’s get sustainability baked into everything we do!”

emily evenson
Team Member
“Future proofing.”

emily doe
Senior Associate
“Common sense.”

amanda keating

To me, sustainable design means…

“Energy efficiency and resiliency. We need to push the industry to prioritize and standardize these features.”

aaron swain
“A lifestyle – it’s not just about the design, but how you can inspire users to continue the sustainable design approach through their daily lives. ”

rachael bauer
Senior Associate
“Thinking about design at different scales and being cognizant of the life cycle of the built environment.”

cody lodi