Drawing on the interest sparked from his first drafting class in high school, Gerald has over 23 years of experience in mid-rise, high-rise, site planning and retail projects. At Weber Thompson he is a member of the high-rise documentation team working on projects such as 2030 8th Avenue, AVA and Viktoria.

Before joining the Weber Thompson team in 2008, Gerald worked for Curtis Beattie & Associates doing large and small commercial, assisted living and condominium projects. He earned his degree from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Arts in University Studies and an emphasis in Architecture. Gerald found in architecture the perfect union of drawing, creativity and the generality of just getting to build things.

Outside the office, Gerald pursues an interest in photography and furniture design and is currently building a new entertainment center. 

Gerald Heizelman
Team Member

Bachelor of Arts in University Studies, emphasis in Architecture
North Dakota State University