Carol has been Weber Thompson’s admin guru since 1997. She is in charge of administration benefits, processing payroll as well as accounts payable and all of those miscellaneous extras that arise. A calm, thorough approach gives Carol the ability to maneuver easily through the complexities of healthcare benefits, and explain them clearly to staff.

Starting out in the advertising sector back in Michigan as a project manager, Carol originally moved to Seattle to pursue an entirely different career, one in the music/voice-over arena. Along the way to establishing herself in a new city, she found a temporary spot at Weber Thompson, a position that turned permanent and continues to work with all of the various ebbs and flows of her life. 

Besides working in an environment that supports her passion for music, one of Carol’s favorite parts about Weber Thompson is the people. “They are nice, inspiring, fun and just all around good people.” Who you work with can make or break a place and luckily, as Carol says, “this space and these people create an environment worth waking up for.” 

Carol Sanders
Team Member, Benefits/Accounting Specialist

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication
University of Michigan