After starting her career as a Middle East Analyst for the Department of Defense, Shoshanah sought a field where she could explore her creativity and connect with the outdoors. Landscape Architecture was an obvious answer for her, and she hasn’t looked back since.

After gaining years of experience working hands on with residential clients in Seattle, Shoshanah joined the Weber Thompson Landscape Architecture studio in the spring of 2019. At WT she is able to dive back into the kind of projects from which her passion for landscape architecture grew  – solving design challenges that come with tight, difficult urban spaces. She is dedicated to finding durable and sustainable solutions to these problems and seeks inspiration everywhere, especially outdoors. She sees something new to look at every day as landscapes change with the seasons and planting combinations develop together over time. Her passion for landscape architecture even led her to design a prototype for a patented modular urban gardening system.

When she’s not solving urban landscape challenges, Shoshanah attends synagogue with her family, and tries to find time to run, hike, and of course, work in her garden.

Shoshanah Haberman
Team Member

Bachelor of Arts in History
Princeton University


Master of Arts in Politics and Society of the Middle East
School of Oriental and African Studies 


Masters in Landscape Architecture
University of Maryland