If you’re a frequent visitor to our office, you’ll immediately recognize Eva el-Gasseir as the friendly face that greets you at Weber Thompson’s front desk.

Born in Upstate New York, but a Seattleite since age ten, Eva’s upbringing followed an unconventional path that’s profoundly shaped her varied interests. As a child she was homeschooled early on, later attended an alternative school, and received her GED without attending high school. She holds a certificate in yoga instruction and a double major in Women & Gender Studies and Philosophy, and she regularly spends her spare time engaging in academic writing on philosophical topics.

At Weber Thompson, in addition to easily juggling the eclectic duties required of a receptionist, Eva has become a member of the firm’s recently formed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion task force. The topic is of special interest to Eva not only because of her field of academic study, but also because she has an affinity for Human Resources and believes that EDI initiatives can become a force for positive change.

Currently, Eva is planning her next life adventure: She and her husband will welcome a baby into their family in March of 2019.

Eva el-Gassier
Team Member, Receptionist

Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies, Philosophy
Seattle University