When he was younger, Yaman was a successful competitive swimmer, competing at a national level. Swimming requires focus and discipline, skills that he applies to his work on a daily basis.

His background in the fundamentals of design and constructability have led him to approach all his projects with a sense of balance. He knows that a building is only practical if it can function well, but this knowledge doesn’t stop him from thinking about how to push the boundaries to create unique and innovative solutions. As a member of Weber Thompson’s High Rise studio, he’s applied this philosophy to projects like Nexus, which epitomizes a unique but buildable form.

A former college athlete and an unabashed Duck, Yaman’s passion for sports nearly rivals his passion for architecture. Graduating in 2012, he still maintains ties to his professors at the University of Oregon’s College of Design. Most recently, Yaman traveled back to Eugene to serve as a guest reviewer at the school’s year-end studio critiques.

When he’s not cheering on a sports team or thinking about architecture, Yaman can be found relaxing with his friends near the water, with a cold beverage in hand. 

Yaman Tezcan LEED® Green Assoc.
Team Member

Bachelor of Architecture
University of Oregon