With a passion for sustainable design and an affinity for research and problem solving, Mindi spends her days assisting with many tasks and multiple projects at Weber Thompson.

After graduating college, she started her design career working on healthcare projects. Fueled by the desire to further make a positive change in the world, she began teaching green interior design at Bellevue College. Mindi continued her career in sustainability with non-profit organizations that educate students and professionals on how they can impact the planet through design. Eventually she missed design, and returned to the field to work on multifamily housing projects. It was her avid interest in sustainable design that brought her to Weber Thompson.

Mindi finds her inspiration in nature, and draws a lot of her creativity from the natural patterns and moods of the landscape around her. When she’s not collaborating with our interior design team or helping out on a project, she’s taking a yoga class, sewing, or walking on the beach with her family in West Seattle.

Mindi Caulley CSBA, LEED Green Associate
Team Member, Resource Coordinator

Interior Design, Bellevue College (CIDA Credited)