High Rise

High-rise residential towers are complex vertical communities – almost cities unto themselves. But they are not islands; they are inextricably connected to their contextual surroundings and to the greater urban fabric.

A well designed architectural tower graces the skyline. It becomes a way-finder for pedestrians, an icon for a neighborhood, and most importantly, a home and an urban oasis for the homeowners or renters who live there. The essential goal when designing a residential tower is to create a rich and vibrant lifestyle that resonates with target buyers or renters – everything else follows.

Weber Thompson is the most prolific residential high-rise design team in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Having created thousands of fine homes over the last 30 years, we know what goes into the unique formula for success that each project and each of our valued clients deserves. 

Weber Thompson also designs interior common spaces, amenities, and units – as well as landscaped roof terraces, exterior amenity areas, and streetscapes for high-rise buildings. 

Read or download a brochure of our high rise experience on Issuu.