Retail & Hospitality

Tell me a story.

From the time we are little kids, we beg our parents, teachers, friends to tell us a story – it’s how we share the past, create the future, and celebrate the present. For us, interior design is all about telling a story – through space, light, color and mood, from the curve of a chair to the typeface on a menu. Each piece fits together to weave an experience that challenges, inspires, comforts, or delights, and ultimately invites people back for more.

At Weber Thompson, we know that opening a new business is exhilarating, but it’s also a quick-moving process that requires keeping a lot of balls in the air. Just as you look to your staff, vendors, and purveyors for their best to get your business off the ground, we’re here to help in our area of expertise – designing a beautiful yet efficient space, navigating local building code requirements, and helping you be true to your story as well as your budget. 

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