Senior Living

Getting Old: It’s not for Sissies

Getting older is hard physically, mentally and emotionally. As such, seniors spend more than 90% of their time indoors, so every aspect of their environment needs to be thoughtfully designed to uplift spirits and support seniors to live their lives with independence and dignity while maintaining social and cognitive engagement. Connections to the outside, places to gather, and elements to stimulate the senses and memories are all cost-effective ways that are small in scope, but huge in impact.

Weber Thompson has successfully designed new and renovated senior living facilities ranging from independent living to dedicated memory care. Our designs work to support both residents and staff while facilitating community interaction. On these projects we listen closely to the residents and staff, and draw on both the best available research and on our own experience with the seniors in our lives to understand the experience of senior living and the realities of management and maintenance. Jointly, we craft places that accommodate the needs of both populations, all within budget and schedule.