Seattle, WA

Project Information

  • An Urban Farm Prototype developed with the Seattle Urban Farm Company for a potential urban farm to provide produce for a local sandwich chain.
  • Project Area is approximately 6,500 sf
  • Exact type and quantity of crops to be determined (favoring microgreens, herbs and leafy greens).
  • Program includes growing area, tool shed and washing station; it does not include on-site composting.
  • Optional portability and mobility of planters to be explored.
  • The extension of the growing season is anticipated through hothouse, cloche, or similar planter coverings.
  • Primary transport of crops will be via passenger elevator, to ground-floor garage loading area.


  • Flexibility for planter and crop arrangements, seasonal sun patterns, and varied growing methods
  • Future option of a greenhouse structure
  • Easy integration of drip irrigation system
  • The platform is independent from roof surface allowing for better drainage than direct attachment to roofing.


  • The steel/fiberglass system increases project cost
  • The steel/fiberglass system requires additional building trades & transport of materials to roof
  • The flat, raised platform requires a guard rail at the edges to protect operators from falling hazards. 
TAGS: Innovation & Research, Urban Farm
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