Fairhaven Highlands

Bellingham, WA

Project Information

  • 82 acre site off Chuckanut Drive
  • 40 acres of preserved natural areas
  • Seven acres of parks and greens
  • 739 residential units in 73 buildings
  • 22 units per acre, not including green / preserved spaces
  • Housing types include single family, town homes, low rise multifamily, and mid-rise multifamily
  • Proposed LID strategies include rain gardens and bioswales to naturally slow and clean post-development storm water runoff, maintain pre-development hydrology and water quality of wetlands that feed off-site waterbodies.
  • Proposed pervious pavement on parking strips and alley to reduce stormwater runoff
  • Majority of development planned on areas at or less than 15% slope
  • 50% of the site proposed as a preserved natural area
TAGS: Community Design, Master Planned Community
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