2018 was a year of celebrations.


In 2018 we celebrated thirty years as a firm and ten years in The Terry Thomas.  As our collaborators, partners, friends and family, we wouldn’t have made here without you. Thank you for your support through the years!

What made 2018 particularly special is that ten years ago we launched a new era in one of the city’s most sustainable buildings with The Terry Thomas. We loudly and proudly declared our commitment to sustainable design. We opted for access to fresh air and daylight. We prioritized human comfort and energy reduction. And since the tenth anniversary of that commitment overlaps with our thirtieth year in business, we’re pretty darn excited.


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how did we celebrate?

transcending the TERRY THOMAS: A conceptual model-making journey

When it opened, The Terry Thomas was called a Learning Laboratory, and in that spirit, we’ve launched something we’ve never done before. A collaborative mind mash, an ideas charrette, a community brainstorm, a friendly in-staff competition. The goal is a dialogue about the future of this building, this site, and the potential it holds.

Winning entry: topophilia (Love of place)

Topophilia = #loveofplace

“Topophilia is a general framework to discuss all the different ways that human beings love a place.” – Yi Fu Tuan in Topophilia: A Study of Environmental Perception, Attitudes, and Values.

After calling the Terry Thomas home for ten years, we have a lot to love about the building. We asked our staff to share an image with a description highlighting what is it they love about the Terry Thomas.  Follow along as we share our #LoveofPlace on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

“I love being able to take the exterior stair every morning to get to my desk.” #LOVEOFPLACE

tt10/wt30 exclusives

Presenting Topophilia

Introducing topophilia

Topophilia = Love of Place. Back in June we kicked off the ‘Terry Thomas Transcended’ model design competition as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Terry Thomas. Ultimately, it was WT Senior Associate Nicole Winn’s model ‘Topophilia’ that won the judges hearts.

KUOW interview

Welcoming KUOW back to the Terry Thomas

Back in 2009, Joshua McNichols from KUOW Public Radio first wrote about the Terry Thomas building in an article exploring “alphabet” shaped buildings that utilize thermal chimneys instead of air conditioning. Nearly ten years later he stopped by again to chat with Weber Thompson partner, Kristen Scott.

Transcending Terry Thomas model

Reimagining the future of a Living Laboratory

When the Terry Thomas was conceived, it was initially seen as an experiment for day-lit and passively cooled office buildings. Would it be feasible to use traditional architectural methods in a modern context?

Terry Thomas

Q&A with the Weber Thompson Commercial Office Group

The Terry Thomas is at the core of our sustainable design philosophy. Recently, we sat down with a few members of WT’s Commercial Office Design Studio to get a little background on what has changed, what hasn’t, and how our commercial office work has evolved in the last ten years.

from the wt blog archives

The Weber Thompson blog, A Breath of Fresh Air, was inspired by The Terry Thomas. Here’s a look back at some of our first blog posts leading up to the big move, and a few that described how we settled in. 

It was a year ago this week that construction of the Terry Avenue Office Building began.


As we continue to prepare to move into our new building on April 4, we want to be clear that this transition is more than about the building. 


Sustainable design is not only the wiz-bang high-tech features of a green building. Simple solutions contribute to a sustainable design, too.


The Terry Thomas design team has been waiting for this initial string of 80+ degrees days for almost four years.


The lighting system in our office is complex and has been a challenge. 


The Terry Thomas provides a window into the soul of a firm that practices what it preaches and whose approach to sustainability is as much rooted in common sense as it is in the eco-enthusiasm of its employees.

– Jim Schneider, eco-structure, 6.2008


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