Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students

Long gone are the days when student housing was synonymous with run-down, dilapidated, and mis-managed apartments.  Students today are demanding extra amenities that will enhance their living experience, making today’s student housing model very similar to traditional market rate apartments. While student housing is aligning more closely with market rate apartments, there are some key differences in the amenities and services that students find desirable and can have a significant impact on a project’s success. Continue reading “Back to School: Designing Housing for Today’s Students”

Architecture Through the Lens of Hip Hop

Photo courtesy Meegan Amen / University of Washington

Like so many design firms in recent years, Weber Thompson has joined the national conversation about equity, design and inclusion in a big way. From supporting Seattle’s AIA Women in Design Committee and the AIA Seattle Diversity Roundtable, to hosting a reception for Renee Cheng, the UW’s first person of color to serve as Dean of the College of Built environments, we’re working to help the practice of architecture become  an intentionally equitable industry. Continue reading “Architecture Through the Lens of Hip Hop”