Product Runway 2013

Sketch by Mandy Callaway

During the last 8 months, the Weber Thompson interior design team worked on designing a garment for Product Runway, a friendly industry-wide fashion competition modeled after the show of a similar name. We were teamed with Bank & Office Interiors/Steelcase as our sponsor, and spent nights and weekends designing and producing a couture-worthy garment. We were tasked with designing ‘with an eye for the dreamlike quality’ and ‘maybe sweetly risqué. But always high fashion.

Our team drew inspiration from the poppy flower – for its bright color, its tissue-like petals and its mythical symbolism: sleep and peace.  We wanted to create an elegant and beautiful garment that embodied all of those qualities. But more importantly, create a garment that wasn’t a costume, but a gown that each of us would want to wear ourselves. In the end, we did just that. We were aiming for romance and delicacy, with a little edge, which took the shape of the beading and raw-edged shrug, respectively.  Throughout the design process we stayed true to our original concept and we couldn’t be more proud of the result.  Our model and co-worker, Rachael Bauer, really took our breath away as she walked the catwalk.

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