Another Rube Goldberg Machine: SAM Remix Style

On March 13th, Weber Thompson had the honor of participating in Seattle Art Museum’s Remix event, a late night, choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza of performances, activities, dancing and more. Our contribution to the event was a custom Dada-inspired Rube Goldberg machine.

SAM Remix Rube Goldberg Machine Installation by Weber ThompsonWhy SAM Remix? And why a Rube Goldberg machine? It all started in September with our Park(ing) Day installation, a 7’ x 35’ temporary Rube Goldberg machine on Thomas Street. SAM saw a clip of our installation, and invited us to create one for Remix. AIA Seattle and Arcade Magazine were among the list of sponsors, so we figured we better join in the fun as well. We were all in.

A crew of WT volunteers quickly assembled to discuss our RG. We wanted to use mostly found materials and ready-made objects, because our inspiration came loosely from SAM’s current exhibit The Duchamp Effect and the Dada movement. Continue reading “Another Rube Goldberg Machine: SAM Remix Style”

Life at WT: 7th Annual Chili Cook-off!

Weber Thompson staff took a break from work yesterday to crown the 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off (repeat!) champion – Monica Knapp! Congratulations to Monica on another well-deserved victory.

Of course, the real winners were the staff. Chili Cook-Off Director Marc Furst noted: “This year was all about quality over quantity. All the entries were full of flavor, ranging from tried-and-true basics to a mole-based chili packed with cinnamon and spice. All in all it was a delicious way to celebrate the beginning of the week.”

Congratulations again to Monica, and to all of the winners:

1st Place Chili: Monica Knapp
2nd Place Chili: Marc Furst
3rd Place Chili: (Tie) John Hornibrook & Jeff Reibman

1st Place Cornbread: (Tie) Rachael Bauer & Erin Hatch

Meet the Staff: Fanny Idoux


Fanny Idoux joined the Weber Thompson Interior Design team in May of 2014, jumping in right as two of our interior design staff took leave for several months. She hit the ground running and has been working on a wide variety of hospitality and residential projects. Her sense of style, great attitude, and attention to detail make her a valuable asset to the team.



How long have you worked at Weber Thompson?

Since May 2014

What is your favorite thing about working at Weber Thompson?

I love the environment and the talented group of people I get to work with and learn from. Weber Thompson offers me the opportunity to be fully creative but also to learn something new everyday.

Summarize your job in a paragraph. 

My job is to contribute to the development of complex hospitality and multi- family projects throughout each phase of design, from concept to construction drawings and construction administration. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Fanny Idoux”

Housing affordability | WT staff adopt families | Terry Thomas inspires local artist

The Terry Thomas inspires local artist

Lisa Daniels, a local artist who creates paintings inspired by architectural spaces, toured The Terry Thomas a couple of months ago. Many details caught her eye and she decided to do multiple paintings. She recently completed one and plans to do two more. The finished piece is a 36” x 48” acrylic painting hanging in the Seattle office of DCI Engineers. Thank you Lisa; we’re flattered that our building inspired you. See more of Lisa’s work at


Tis the season for sharing!

Weber Thompson employees have banded together to give fifteen children (in seven families) a very happy holiday this year. In total, nearly $2,500 worth of gift cards for toys and groceries will be donated to these families via the YWCA. Thank you to Christina Stewart for pioneering the effort in our office, and for encouraging the high rise and mid-rise/low rise teams to also get involved. Most of all, we hope the effort makes the season a little brighter for a few families in need.

Catherine Benotto appointed to Mayor’s Advisory Committee

Landscape Architecture Principal Catherine Benotto was recently appointed to Mayor Murray’s Housing Affordability and Livability  Advisory Committee. The committee will seek to identify and evaluate policy options to create more available housing for people all along the income spectrum. They will explore innovative ideas to pilot new types of housing, study the impact of ADU’s, analyze  efforts to preserve existing affordable housing, and more. By May of next year, the committee will deliver a set of recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.

You can share your opinions by completing this short survey.


Meet the Staff: Mindy Black

Mindy Black will be celebrating her 15th anniversary at Weber Thompson this September. Promoted to Senior Associate in 2007, Mindy oversees all phases of design and construction in a variety of project types including urban mixed-use, senior and affordable housing and attached single-family homes within planned communities. Although she spends countless long days ushering her projects to completion, she somehow manages to find time to pursue artistic and outdoor activities, as well as serve as the Chair of Seattle’s West Design Review Board. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Mindy Black”

Thanks for helping us celebrate 25 years!

Last Thursday, Weber Thompson staff, our clients, consultants, partners and friends and family boogied down in The Terry Thomas courtyard. An estimated 300 people attended our Open House-style party, and judging by the fact that we had to make a beer run part-way through the event, we’d say it was a success!

The food that Tom Douglas provided was excellent, the bartenders from The Invisible Hostess mixed up three signature cocktails which included The Architect (a Negroni), The Landscape Architect (an elderflower margarita) and The Interior Designer (a French 75). The DJ kept grooving until after well after 10pm and it sure seemed like the folks on the dance floor didn’t mind a bit!

Many, many thanks to those of you who have helped make our business so successful for the past 25 years. We were thrilled to celebrate and raise our glasses with you, and here’s hoping for another 25 years!

View the photo gallery on Facebook.

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Discord strikes Weber Thompson offices

Beneath a cool professional exterior, a storm is brewing amongst the workstations at Weber Thompson. Friends glare menacingly at each other as they pass in the hallway. Internal communications are littered with threats and attempted intimidation. Jeff Bates is sporting a bandana. The air is brimming with potential conflict and all for one simple reason: May is Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike to Work Month Challenge.

Throughout the month mild-mannered designers, so tame under the daylight-calibrated lights of the conference rooms, are coming out of their shells to reveal their true identities: members of one of WT’s three vicious bicycle gangs. The staff representing Weber Thompson in Seattle’s Bike to Work Month have been divvied up to balance commute lengths, giving each team an equal chance at attaining a variety of awards, including Consistency, Overall Miles, Team Spirit, Most Days Traveled in the Rain, and several others.

The competition is tight, and enthusiasm has pushed camaraderie-oriented teams to transform to rough-and-tumble bike gangs. As of May 15th, the mid-point for the contest, the team rankings are as follows:

The Hessians: 75% commute rate with 555.34 miles traveled
Team Members: Manuela Hess, Kristen Scott, Josh McDonald, Sami Houari, Marc Furst, Emily Doe, Lauren Blass, Aaron Swain

Velocidrafters: 74% commute rate with 572.62 miles traveled
Team Members: Jeff Reibman, Austin Besse, Brittney May, Maggie Cowgill, Michael Day, Nicole Winn, Myer Harrell

Blood, Spokes and Gearz: 55.7% commute rate with 410.5 miles traveled
Team Members: Scott Wells, Jon Szczesniak, Cody Lodi, Jeff Bates, Amanda Keating, Jeff Dobbs, Erin Schiedler, Monica Knapp

Riding is only part of the battle. No deed is too low to win out for that Team Spirit award, and so far staff members have gone as far as tattooing themselves to display their team pride. We’ll be checking back in at the end of the month to congratulate the winners in all categories and celebrate the return to peace in the hallways of Weber Thompson.

– Lauren Blass