Meet the Staff: Skye Bredberg

Skye Bredberg

Skye Bredberg has a consistently positive attitude and a sharp mind, making her a great addition to Weber Thompson’s team of Associates. Learn more about Skye and what makes her unique in the Q & A below. 

Skye Bredberg RA, LEED AP, Associate, Project Architect

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I have worked at WT for almost one and a half years. My favorite part of working here is the culture and working with very talented co-workers who strive to always do better work.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on 425 Fairview, a complex mixed-use project in South Lake Union.

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you?

I’m doing something right . . . kidding aside, I’m grateful to be recognized and excited to bring a new voice to the firm. I’m looking forward to being more involved in the firm’s inner workings and culture, getting to know my co-workers better, and working toward being a future leader at the firm. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Skye Bredberg”

Meet the Staff: Aaron Swain


Aaron Swain was recently promoted to Associate at Weber Thompson. He is a Project Architect and frequently pens posts for the WT blog. In addition to the interview below, you can learn more about him by perusing some of the articles written by or about him here



Aaron Swain, RA, Leed Green Associate / Associate, Project Architect

Did we mention he’s our resident Brewmaster?

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

Three and a half years.  I’ve held many different jobs in my life and my credo has always been “you can do anything, as long as you enjoy the people you do it with.”  The people at WT are the best.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently finishing out the construction phase of Pike Motorworks—the Certificate of Occupancy is imminent! I’m also assisting with detailing for the mid-rise portion of the 425 Fairview project for Greystar. Additionally, I’m helping kick off a deep green boutique apartment project in the heart of Capitol Hill.

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you? Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Aaron Swain”

Meet the Staff: Brian Steinburg


Last week, Weber Thompson announced the promotion of two new Principals and five new Associates. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to all of these outstanding individuals.This week, meet Brian Steinburg, a Senior Project Manager in Weber Thompson’s High-Rise Design Studio. 



Brian Steinburg, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Sr. Project Manager

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I was hired in 2000, so 15 years. The best thing about working at Weber Thompson is the people. I work with some of the most talented, hard working people in Seattle. It truly has a family feel within the office. This is no mistake, because the firm leadership has crafted this culture from the start.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

970 Denny, a 400’ residential tower in South Lake Union. Aside from being the Sr. Project Manager for the project, I’m doing a lot of the detailing, which I haven’t done for a while. It’s a refreshing change to be working at that scale again.

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you? Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Brian Steinburg”

Battling the drizzle and competing for glory

Photo courtesy of Flickr user J.G Wang
Photo by Flickr user J.G Wang

November tends to signal a time for peppermint mochas, couch locked Netflix binges, and a general air of hibernation in the Pacific Northwest. It can feel like all guts and glory when some of us sprint the ten seconds to our cars or spend five minutes huddled at our bus stops, but a group of Weber Thompson bicyclists decided to challenge the winter slowdown.

It’s December 3rd now and we’ve made it through November, the statistically wettest month of the year in the life of a Seattlelite. For the team of ten WT employees that made up the “WT Mossbacks” team, December 3rd also means the end of Cascade Bicycle Club’s “Ride in the Rain” challenge – another successful team building event designed to encourage bicycle commuting, even in the dreary and drizzly conditions that Seattle’s winters can often provide. Continue reading “Battling the drizzle and competing for glory”

The art of glass

A few weeks ago, Corban, Heidi and Chad with Emser Tile took our interior design studio out to Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Belltown. We had a ton of fun learning about glassblowing techniques – and that it’s pretty difficult! Thankfully the crew at the studio was eager to help us learn and in the end, we all came out with glass creations that are proudly displayed on our desks.

Thank you, Emser Tile, for the wonderful experience!

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the evening:

Glassblowing-2Glassblowing-6 Continue reading “The art of glass”

Meet the Staff: Amanda Keating

wt_headshots-8692Amanda Keating AIA, LEED AP BD+C, was recently made an equity principal at Weber Thompson. She oversees our Mid Rise studio and is passionate about sustainability and green design. Learn more about Amanda on our website.




What is your name & title/role?

Amanda Keating AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal, Mid Rise studio

Share a little about your background.

I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois – just outside of Chicago. I volunteered as a tour guide at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio during High School. My appreciation of the urban built environment is no doubt a result of having grown up in such a culturally and texturally rich place.

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and why did you begin working here in the first place?

My 10 year anniversary was earlier this summer, 2015. I came to Weber Thompson from a much larger Architecture firm doing work around the country (and world); I wanted to work on projects locally and Weber Thompson was a perfect fit.

What has kept you at Weber Thompson?

Oh my goodness, so many things! The team, the personalities, the talent, the leadership opportunities, the dynamic work that we do and the people we work with. Also, the parties; we know how to throw a great party. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Amanda Keating”

WTID Inspirations: Cozy, Classic Comfort

Let’s get away!

To a dreamy, dreary morning on the coast, in a field, in a dream. Who said fall can’t romance us as much as summer? In a city where trees are becoming less abundant, fall is not as rich with oranges, deep reds, or hints of pine as the countryside. No, our fall is a little more….gray.

But even still, it inspires us. Check out our fall Pinterest board to get a little inspired by October in Seattle yourself.

To see how we incorporate our inspirations into our projects, view our online portfolio.

Touring South Lake Union’s Public Art

Did you know that last Thursday was the SLU ArtWalk? Perhaps you participated, and if so, you’ll know that it was an awesome success!  I’ll admit that I barely knew it existed as an event, but had agreed to lead a Seattle Architecture Foundation mini-tour of the neighborhood held in conjunction with the event. The tour was loosely focused on public art in the neighborhood, as well as the surrounding building context.

Starting at the Cascade People’s Center in Cascade Park, my group of about 16 people ventured out past Elizabeth Conner’s “Small Monuments” (2002), a series of broken images recessed into the sidewalk pavement; a subtle reminder of memory, what the site once was, and the promise of the future the neighborhood once embodied.  The artist’s humble approach toward functionality and social values rings strong and pertinent in today’s rapidly-changing SLU neighborhoods (what used to be a school was then a warehouse, now slated for a residential apartment complex). Continue reading “Touring South Lake Union’s Public Art”

A Toast to Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson retirement - photo by Erin Lodi Photography
Photo by Erin Lodi Photography.

This toast was delivered by Blaine Weber, AIA, co-founding Principal of Weber Thompson, on September 10th, 2015 at a retirement celebration for Scott Thompson, AIA, LEED BD+C.

* * *

The year 1968 was a pivotal one for the United States, and for the world. It was a time of war; it was a time of revolution; and it was also a time of longing for peace and love.

The Viet Nam war was raging on all fronts, and young guys like Scott and I were subject to being drafted into the armed forces.

Both Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were assassinated in 1968. Grief from their passing compounded the general sense of dread and fear about the future of our country and for the safety our planet.

There were a lot of songs with love in their titles: The Doors: ‘Hello I love you’; Cream: ‘Sunshine of Your Love’; Led Zepplin: ‘Whole Lotta Love were top hits.

In the fall of 1968 – on the first day of a new school year at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu – two 16-year old transplanted mainland Haole boys met in Mrs. Taniguchi’s math class. Ms. Taniguchi warned us that our only hope for truly understanding quadratic equations would be to partner up with the smartest person in the class.

I can guarantee you that neither myself nor Mr. Thompson looked to be the smartest mathematical minds in the class, but we happened to be sitting next to each other, and I asked this brand new kid from Compton, California about the bright orange 1968 Camaro that I had seen him driving, and we quickly learned that we both shared a passion for surfing. The mysteries of quadratic equations would unveil themselves in due time. Continue reading “A Toast to Scott Thompson”